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Dr. Lockett



Dr. Lockett

Concordia University, Portland, OR

Ed.D-Organizational Development & Transformational


Dissertation Research Theories

Social-Identity Theory (SIT)

Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Person-Organization Fit Theory (PO-Fit)

Warner Pacific University, Portland, OR MS- Management and Organizational Leadership Award: Excellence in Urban Leadership and Service

Rust College, Holly Springs, MS BA-Communications

Cornell University Certificate-Diversity and Inclusion

Prosci, Inc Certification-Change Management



Dr. Lockett has worked in non-profits and the public sector for the last ten years after serving one year as an AmeriCorps volunteer supporting at-risk youth with Joseph Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp in Little Rock, AR. As a person who has a passion for supporting historically marginalized young people reach their full potential, Dr. Lockett worked for non-profits in Portland, OR for 4 years teaching courses and workshops to teenage youth centered on life and social-skill building as well as college and vocational prep. This included multicultural lesson plans that prepared young people for diverse workplaces and multicultural environments, while also exposing and exploring biases and beliefs in stereotypes that could restrict gaining varied perspectives. Dr. Lockett spent the last 6 years working in Oregon within the juvenile justice system. He served in numerous capacities working diligently to reimagine a system that was designed to oppress people of color and continually has inequities within nearly every component of it. The last role he served in was the diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic manager position where he led his employer’s DEI strategic planning process and served as an equity champion across departments and with external community stakeholders focused on young people within the system receiving the necessary resources and support to be productive crime free community members.

Dr. Lockett currently serves as the Racial Equity Senior Executive Analyst with the City of San Jose, California.


Dr. Lockett was born and raised in Memphis, TN where he was exposed to numerous adverse childhood experiences growing up starting at a very young age.
Living in a community that dealt with over policing, gun violence, and lacking resources where schools were largely underfunded taught Dr. Lockett resilience at a young age. It was from these experiences that Dr. Lockett developed his sense of purpose which is to work diligently to dismantle systems that drive inequities and perpetuate harm to communities of color and other marginalized communities. This sense of purpose and resiliency allowed Dr. Lockett to overcome the many challenges in his life and reach the peak of academic success. His lived experiences along with his academic and professional background, and innate desire to build interpersonal relationships have helped him be a pillar for change and to uplift and invest in the Black community and other communities of color.



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