Invest the Time and Resources to Explicitly Meet the Needs of the Historically Underrepresented

“An overabundance of trust and discretion without sufficient accountability for resource allocation and the impact of decisions on historically marginalized communities is the breeding ground that has allowed inequities and harm to persist throughout history and continually reinvent itself to the detriment of these communities."


Dr. Lockett

Years Experience

Dr. Lockett has worked in non-profits and the public sector for the last ten years after serving one year as an AmeriCorps volunteer supporting at-risk youth with Joseph Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp in Little Rock, AR. As a person who has a passion for supporting historically marginalized young people reach their full potential, Dr. Lockett worked for non-profits in Portland, OR for 4 years teaching courses and workshops to teenage youth centered on life and social-skill building as well as college and vocational prep.

Dr. Lockett was born and raised in Memphis, TN where he was exposed to numerous adverse childhood experiences growing up starting at a very young age. Living in a community that dealt with over policing, gun violence, and lacking resources where schools were largely underfunded taught Dr. Lockett resilience at a young age.

Educator Policy Analyst Coach Policy Juvenile Justice Reform Advocate
Change Management Practitioner System’s Thinker Social Scientist
Equity Practitioner


Contact with Dr. Lockett

If you have any questions or wish to speak with Dr. Lockett about the needs of your organization, please feel free to reach out to him by phone, email, or the fill-ins below.

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Dr. Andre Lockett is the consummate professional. His ability to take a back of the napkin concept and turn it into a polished, empirically researched, strategic tool is unmatched. Working with Dr. Lockett for one year set my agency in a position to carry our diversity, equity, and inclusion work forward for at least the next five years. Dr. Lockett is a systems strategist in the highest order. In addition to his work as our DEI Strategist he also worked in an executive role staffing a 15+ person Exec Team which included organizing our biennial focus.

Nakeia Daniels

State Government Executive

Andre is objective in his opinions, clear in his approach, and honest in his beliefs. He is a hardworking researcher, with a very res ponsible and productive team spirit, and an educated understanding of leadership methodology.

His patience, sweet demeanor, and open spirit are of a great value to any professional team. His approaches always provide new perspectives that enrich the value and add a lot of new innovative ideas to our research.

Mohammed Maraee

Director of Corporate Relations

Dr. Lockett's ability to speak authentically and straight to the point without making people feel alienated is a skill that makes his approaches highly effective. He often says, "how is what you are actually doing in practice aligning with what is in your policy and what you say you want to be as an organization?" He then walks you through action steps to ensure that is happening.

Jerrod Allen

Non-profit Executive

Andre's approaches to conversing about DEI are masterful. His ability to ask questions that require critical thinking about organizational culture and the experiences of employees from marginalized communities will help you self-reflect on your own level of understanding about equity.

Meg Thorne

Executive Policy Analyst

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