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Equity in Action

Focus: Are you after changing the hearts and minds of your leaders and employees, asking them to do something different so equity is centered in practice and policy, or both? What would each take to be operationalized?

Learning Objectives: Organizations will walk a way with a better understanding of the level of specificity that is required to identify the “what” their equity focus seeks to accomplish.


Equity vs Equality

Focus: What does it mean to be equitable for historically marginalized communities? How does that differ from equally serving them?

Learning Objectives: Organizations will learn not only the difference between equity and equality but also a gain a better understanding of how long inequities have persisted and caused harm to marginalized communities, which is not largely discussed when this topic is brought forth.

Change management

Learning Objectives: Organizations will receive Dr. Lockett’s recommendations for using change management to center equity in practice.

Focus: How can traditional change management techniques and philosophies serve developing an equity focus? Techniques to move equity forward with specific examples are provided.


Consulting Service


Organizational Equity Assessment

An equity assessment is a process designed to obtain information and knowledge about the readiness of an organization to have an equity focus and if the current performance of an organization can be most effectively measured with an equity lens in mind. An equity assessment is a vital step for an organization to have a foundational understanding about how ready they are to engage in equity in any meaningful way. This assessment also establishes a baseline to measure progress and what organizations should look for in their journey towards an equity focus.

Dr. Lockett provides a wide assortment of assessments to choose from. Each serving a specific purpose.

Champion Hands

Equity Champion

Serve as an external observer of meeting and decision-making processes and practices and offer recommendations.



Determine what qualitative and quantitative data is needed to identify existing demographical impact of services and/or products and identify inequities.


Executive Coaching

Seeking diversity without valuing inclusion and focusing on equity can be dangerous and exasperate harm. Dr. Lockett believes hiring practices must be primed to attract and promote diverse candidates and to retain them, managers must learn how to cultivate environments where diverse employees can thrive and not work in a perpetual state of fear of retaliation and/or microaggression.

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